Wellcans Kopfhörer

The SFERICS HEADPHONE SH-S1 combines as a global innovation the world's best sound with an electronically generated wellness environment taken from nature as.

In harmony with nature

Feel good headphone

The SFERICS HEADPHONE SH-S1 is a unique surround sound headphone in recording studio quality, which surrounds its user as a global innovation with a fair-weather field copied directly from nature. A fair-weather field, also known as Sferics, is a natural electric field that exists in the atmosphere at high pressure or in a fair-weather condition and it has been shown to contribute to the well-being of living beings. The SFERICS HEADPHONE SH-S1 ensures well-being even in bad weather or in environments subject to EMF pollution, which well-being nature has provided for millions of years due to the beautiful weather.

Surround sound headphone

The SFERICS HEADPHONE SH-S1 provides surround sound through a patented, ingenious acoustic trick that has been causing a sensation in audiophile as well as in professional circles for decades. The SFERICS HEADPHONE SH-S1 represents the current incarnation of this surround sound concept. Great care has been taken with its acoustic tuning, which is responsible for a transparent sound true to tone colors that is otherwise only achievable with electrostatic headphones. The lightweight SFERICS HEADPHONE SH-S1 ensures a comfortable on the user’s head thanks to its pleasant wearing comfort.