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Surround sound and optimization of the electrical living environment

Well-Being following the example of nature

Surround sound

Among other things, the trick leading to surround sound provides for the sound transducers in the auricles of the SFERICS-HEADPHONE SH-S1 to be arranged decentralized downwards in the user's direction of view as well as predominantly displaced to the front. The result is a sound stage that is not located within in the head, but in front of the user's head, just the same as when listening without headphones. This effect is supported by different damping areas in the baffle of the auricles. Know-how accumulated over many years in the development of headphones allows special measures to be taken with the SFERICS-HEADPHONE SH-S1 to produce a very transparent sound true to tone colors that is on the same level of the sound of electrostatic headphones.

To check the acoustically superior performance of the WELLCANS SH-S1 we recommend the following downloads:
www.fk-e.de/musik and www.dieastronautin.de.

Fair-weather field

According to a patent-pending method, a fair-weather field electronics integrated into the headphones provides the user of the SFERICS HEADPHONE SH-S1 with an individually effective feel-good atmosphere. In a memory, the replica of a fair-weather field detected in nature is stored, the spectrum of which is free of all disturbing influences that are presently inevitable by mobile phone radiation and the like. The thus obtained high-purity, stored fair weather field replica is radiated by the WELLCANS SH-S1 and surrounds its user, caring for well-being, which is copied from nature. An on / off switch allows to check the effect of the fair-weather field electronics.

More about this topic can be found at:
Facebook / Earth Song News
Published revue at www.raum-und-zeit.com (page 64)

Technical details

The SFERICS HEADPHONE SH-S1 is an acoustically-sealed headphone equipped with 40mm / 32Ohm standard Mylar neodymium magnetic acoustic transducers. A future additional version (non-binding information **) the headphone will become equipped with metal-vaporized membrane transducers. The supply of audio from a dual-channel analog audio source, including a mobile phone and MP3 players, is via a cable connection.

The transmission range of the SFERICS-HEADPHONE SH-S1 is from 15 to 22,000 Hz (or up to 30,000 Hz in the version with metal-coated transducers **).

The fair-weather electronics are powered by a Li-Ion battery (300mAh / 3.7 volts) built-in in one of the two headphone capsules, which battery can be easily charged via the included USB connector cable from a standard PC or mobile phone charging station.

Wellcans Kopfhörer

Wellcans Kopfhörer


The SFERICS HEADPHONE SH-S1 is available in different colors. The color combination gold is a final limited special version and actually black it not purchasable; Thank you for your kind understanding. Don't hesitate to contact us calling or writing an e-mail!

Depending on the model and accessories, the SFERICS HEADPHONE SH-S1 can be ordered starting from 290 EUR plus VAT + transport fee if outside Germany.

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Femina carry bag

On request, there is a cuddly carrying bag for the SH-S1, practically on the go or especially for the womanly taste.


Scope of delivery

You get the SH-S1 headphones in a noble design box.

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