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Weather sensitivity and fair-weather fields (Sferics)

The development of the SFERICS HEADPHONE SH-S1 was preceded by around 30 years of research in the field of surround sound headphones. Dr. Sc. Florian M. König, founder and CTO of the high-tech headphone company ULTRASONE AG (www.ultrasone.com), combines in the present development the results of this research with his findings in the application of atmospheric alternating fields of artificial and natural origin (Sferics or fair-weather fields and Technics).

Dr. Sc. Florian M. König has been involved in numerous scientific papers for decades, including in his US dissertation in 2004, with the phenomena of humane weather sensitivity and electro sensitivity.

In front and out of head-localization

One of the most important developments of Dr. Ing. Sc. Florian M. König in the late 1980s in the field of headphone psychoacoustics is based on studies on "in head localization" of hearing events when listening to headphones as opposed to the predominant "in front localization" of hearing events in normal listening without headphones. As a result of the investigations, Dr. Sc. Florian M. König developed and optimized a special sound transducer arrangement that allows an "in front localization" of hearing events when listening with headphones and thus a natural spatial sound reproduction through headphones without the use of complex and expensive electronics.

Development in 1988
Development in 1988

Development in 1991
Development in 1991

Study based development

Various investigations and studies prove the positive effects of a near-natural optimization of our electromagnetic environment on the condition of humans.

www.meteorosensitivity.com & fk-e.de/sferics & www.sferics.eu

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Electro-mag / Elektrosmog, Sferics or natural fields, EMF, distructive technical fields at tech. devices measured and compared live shown in a natural environment - result: It is to use a natural in-coherent field emitter in future wire-less techniques or therapy units - anyway shown the first portable and patented "sferics field emitter" for human well-beings. More at www.sferics.eu.